'Fair Lady' likes House of War
House of War By Hamilton Wende (Penguin Books) Sebastian Burke, an acclaimed historian, and Claire Finch, a documentary producer, travel to the lost city of Ay Khanoum in Afghanistan, hoping to find the Royal Diaries of Alexander the Great. Their aim is to make a documentary about the journey and the contents of the diaries. However, their adventure becomes unexpectedly dangerous when two Americans are killed by Al Qaeda terrorists in the bar of their hotel. Soon they discover that they are being followed and that their own lives are under threat. Together they have to face not only the danger they are in, they also have to come to terms with their respective pasts. Hamilton Wende’s novel is a fast-paced story about love, adventure and war. Fascinating snippets of information about Alexander the Great and his various lovers/conquests are woven into the narrative and contribute to making it a satisfying read.