Hamilton Wende Talks to Sue Grant-Marshall About the Mythology in Only the Dead

Sue Grant-Marshall recently chatted with Hamilton Wende on her Radio Today show, Reading Matters, about his latest book Only The Dead. Wende says his writing is influenced by film, as he also works in television. He was a war reporter for many years in countries such as Central African Republic, Rwanda and Sudan.

The book is about what Grant-Marshall characterises as “children caught up in the worst of situations”. Wende says it may be about such horrific things, but it’s also about redemption and the possibility of redemption. There are layers to it, he says, and the damage that happens to children over different generations and in different places also plays a part in the story. Wende’s interest in lion mythology, having travelled to Iraq and researched some antiquities there, made him believe that throughout history humans have had a certain mysterious affinity for lions and have built legends around them.